Mourning Embroidery 5 / 2011

E.O. Wilson Is Still Inspiring Me!

My heart is still full of wonder after watching PBS’ special “Of Ants and Men”.

Back when I was working on The Last Judgment series I became fascinated with E.O. Wilson’s work and read everything the public library had on hand. His research inspired me to work with contour lines in a series of 3-D drawings using hair and dried tears on military netting. Ants can follow the faintest trace of a pheromone line across vast distances. What if a simple line can lead the human mind through impossibly complex subjects or images?

My favorite quote from movie: “I don’t want to lecture people about saving the planet, I want to share with them the joy of the natural world…it’s where we belong.”
Absolutely gorgeous documentary, and you can watch it here:

Legend of the Fall (Patria Querida),Watercolor on Paper30"h x 22"w

New In The Studio: Legend of the Fall (Legend de la Caida)

I’ve been on vacation, but as a new academic year begins, I’m back at in the studio both at the college and at home.

A new watercolor painting inspired by my film Patria Querida. It’s titled Legend of the Fall (Leyenda de la Caida). What was I thinking when I painted this…. Our grand-uncle, Carlos Prio Socarras, was president of Cuba until Batista ousted him in a military coup. Fidel Castro ousted him in turn. Revolution! One party falls, another swings into power. Differences in political processes between my native and new homelands aside, is power a form of vanity?

Remembering 9/11


Remembering 9/11…all the death, all the destruction, the ensuing wars with no seeming end. I honor those that died, those that lost loved ones today by listening to Chief Rabbi Sir Jonathan Sachs speak about The Dignity of Difference: How To Avoid The Clash of Civilizations.

CornsOils on canvas54"h x 54"w

My Archive Is Open!

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks archiving images from old portfolios and they’re now all ready!

Ok…not ALL!!! In the old days, we documented our work with slides. And dear heavens, I have mountains of slides to scan. Scanning and archiving is time consuming and I always put it off because there are always projects waiting for me in the studio. Nonetheless, I feel an enormous sense of accomplishment getting these portfolios archived and up on the site.

Pour yourself a bright cold tall glass of lemonade and come for a visit!

TelaraƱa (Patria Querida)Watercolor on Paper41.5"h x72"w

The Web from Mi Patria Querida…new in the studio

For me summer vacation is an opportunity for uninterrupted looking and deep reflection on the creative process and the existential questions with which my work wrestles. The Migration exhibit is over, but I continue to explore ideas about what constitutes a home, immigration, borders.
New in the studio: The Web from a series of watercolors exploring imagery in the film, Mi Patria Querida, It is 41.5″h x 68″w.

Queror 5, 2014Oils on US tactical fabric20"h x 16"w

Queror 5

Queror 5, oil on tactical fabric, because like the existential suffering of those who have worn the uniform in war, the uniform never comes off.

Queror 4, 2014 
Oils on US tactical fabric
7"h x 5"w

Queror 4

Queror 4, oil on tactical fabric, because like the existential suffering of those who have worn the uniform in war, the uniform never comes off.