Monthly Archives: May 2012

More experiments with paper cuts

Something else I’ve been playing with, using figures from The Last Judgment. This time I’m working with sculpted paper/Mylar in a shadowbox. Working small at first, with single and multiple figures, just to experiment with the effects.

No, the picture’s not fuzzy.That’s the effect of the cut and folded paper coming in and out of focus as it pressed up against the frosted cover!

Laser cut drawing experiment in the studio

Just a little something I’ve been experimenting with– laser cut drawings. I lifted figures from The Last Judgment, drew them in vector, and took them down to the laser cutter for a looksie. Expensive process! $200 for this small lot, and I want to do the entire 200 figures from the Last Judgment! This small lot is pinned directly on the wall. Ideally, the figures will respond to the architecture of the gallery, and a contour line wall drawing of an explosion will anchor them further. What do you think?