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No Hiding Place Down Here To End Thursday!

There are only a couple of days left to the installation at the Seattle Presents Gallery. If you haven’t gone by, please do so before it’s too late.

It has been such a beautiful experience. I can honestly say that I have felt completely supported by the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and by the general community. I mean, the show garnered two newspaper reviews and an interview on public radio!

My public report to the city includes a portfolio of drawings, an account of the art intervention/dialog with the city and community, social media entries, the dvd that was projected onto the tent/installation, and photographs taken by my creative partner in this adventure, Scott Story. Also known as my dearest husband.

If you want to get an abridged peek at my report, here is a pdf: WP report


Juggling Four Shows in October!

This month sees me rushing between Seattle Central College where I teach and four different galleries…delivering and striking shows.


If you haven’t seen Everything Passes Everything Stays yet, hurry on down to Gage Academy.

The show comes down October 4th!



No Hiding Place Down Here continues at the Seattle Presents Gallery through October 12, 2017.

The show has garnered great press, with two reviews and an NPR radio interview! If you have the chance, don’t miss it!


Queror 10, 2014Oils on US tactical fabric20"h x 16"w

I deliver Queror to Lynwood City Hall next week.


Week after that, I deliver and hang a show I have been curating for Shoreline City Hall. Puzzle Out: Nine Across is a much anticipated group show of Latinex artists, with poetry readings and musical performance by some of the most interesting artists working in Puget Sound.  This time I sat out of showing my work. As acting curator I wanted to really showcase the work of artists whose works I admire and who deserve much more recognition than they get.  More on this show as the opening  date nears!

Basic CMYK