Pittura Infamante (diptych)Photograph19"h x 13"w


In Migrations (2015-2018) I look deeply at the arcana of The Hanged Man. I was struck by Carl Jung’s own shorthand description of this archetype:  “Turning back [enantiodromia], powerless, sacrifice, test, proof. Face against the sky.” The popular understanding of the trump, which includes models of sacrifice, suspension, conformism, and new points of view, proves a landscape rich in cultural metaphors. The root imagery originates from pittura infamante, a genre of defamatory painting displayed in public centers as a form of shaming and punishment for traitors.  It is this dislocation of the self, this suspension between places and states that resonates so deeply with my early childhood experiences as a political refugee. The series is fiercely interdisciplinary because in the studio I go wherever my curiosity, heart, and intellect decide. This portfolio showcases video, photography, sculptural interventions, drawing, and painting exploring themes of political asylum, migration, memory and cultural mythologies.

The Unraveling, single channel video, 6:54, 2017

For What It’s Worth, single channel video, 3:25, 2017

Border Crossing, single channel video, 2:31, 2015

The New Colossus, single channel video, 4:28, 2015

GTMO Th White Rose, single channel video, 2:15, 2015

Mi Fidel, single channel video, 6:56, 2015