The Triumphs

Think of me as a visual Jungian.  For over a decade my work has explored identity as a varied and hybrid representation, centralizing the figure as the site where myths, archetypes, and histories from different communal fonts collide. The Triumphs explore the manifestation of different psychological personas in the studio, digesting and transforming notions of identity through myth.  I call on a variety of recognizable symbolic markers to learn what it means to wear new identities in the stories we tell others and whisper to ourselves.  I circle each archetype probing it from many different directions, researching aspects of an initial physical memory or expression. Drawings, paintings, photographs, video, and installations document these hermetic revelations.

I think of the body as the agent, measure, and sum of physical and cultural substance. I think this because my own body acts and is acted upon. It senses, remembers, and recounts. My art fashions reports on these lived experiences, both real and imagined, as I step in and out of each persona.

Please click on the links below to see each persona/archetype in The Triumphs portfolio.

Alchemical Bride

Shadow Boxing




The Teacher

Veils of Ignorance

Whistling Dixie


Book of Hours


Ardiente Paciencia

The Last Judgement