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Drawing Reveals The Extraordinary!

Cleaning out my flat-files…and there it is, Epic 66 from The Men Are From Mars series. I remember drawing my model Tom Ray and realizing how with a plastic sword in hand this middle aged man summoned the kid/hero in himself. He could slay dragons and foes just like the little pirate that lives down the street.

“I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have not really seen, and that when I start to draw an ordinary thing, I realize how extraordinary it is.” – Frederick Franck

Yup. Franck is totally right. Drawing is a magical revelation.

Keeping The Beginner’s Mind Alive

Keep the beginners mind, curious and humble! Don’t ever get to the point where you think you know it all. You can’t, it’s impossible!

Beginner’s Mind is really important to the creative process, at the easel and in life.

For me, summertime is a time to learn new things, usually not directly related to my art because feeding my curiosity always reaps benefits to my art practice.

Where can you take free classes? Here’s a great place to start:

Congratulations To Creative Justice On Their PAN Award!

Wow! Congratulations to Creative Justice, the arts-based alternative to incarceration for young people in King County, for winning this year’s PAN (Public Art Network) Award!  PAN is the only national program specifically honoring public art that makes significant contributions to culture and community.

Who said art is only eye candy?  Someone who didn’t know that art with heart can change the world!

Pictured above is mentor artist, Shontina Vernon. The photograph is by Timothy Aguero Photography.