The figures in the Hekate series (2003-2006) represent states of mind and physical actions such as Waiting, Looking, Falling, Losing, and Leaping. For example, the figure leaps to conclusions, or takes a leap of faith even as she enters a fearless dive. With these drawings I gave up a classicizing balance for a sense of ambiguity and tension best revealed by a kind of detached expressionism. This uneasy objectivity is articulated by contrasting sensuous rendering with the expressive distortions of line. The drawings are worked on translucent vellum and Mylar surfaces that mimic the milky translucency of skin. They can be displayed as discrete pieces or layered so that underlying drawings can be deciphered through the ones above. These become composites.

I remain quite proud of this series even though it encountered opposition in Seattle, where examples were shown in conjunction with The Vagina Monologues. Unfortunately, the drawings were torn down after the first day, while I was visiting family on the East Coast. One drawing of SandraJo, the 76 year old model, was destroyed.