In this series, I explore the universal longing for paradise that disguises our search for the Mother archetype. During this critical time, in which we are facing the mass extinction of countless fellow species due to the unchecked expansion of patriarchal systems of industry and global economies, I document how we frame and interact with animals, ecosystems, and each other in parks, museums, and other commons. Sometimes I purposely go out with my point and shoot Cannon. Other times, I seize the moment and just use my smartphone lens.

African Hippo
Close Encounters
Leopard Habitat
Captured Species
Display (Poison Dart Frogs)
Warning Signs
Inside The Rainforest
No Horizon
Strong As A Bull
Blue Bulls
Drive Thru (Road Trip)
A Game of Terra Forming
Home Sweet Home
Family Tree
Black Footed Ferret
Reach For It
Reaching For It
Night Riders
Seal, Panda, and A Horse’s Ass
Wild Stallion
The Fox and The Moon
Mute Swan
March of The Penguins
Snow Globes (Endangered)
Cornered (Blue Karner Butterfly)
50 Blue Karner Butterflies
Another Mass Extinction
Pile of Pollinators
Grey Wolf and Pigs
Sealed In A Tent
Nesting Doll
Melting Icecap