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Bride 11 (Theoclea)

Alchemical Bride 11, 2019
oil on canvas, 20″h x 16″w

Not only was Theoclea a Delphic Priestess, but she was also a scientist and philosopher. Pythagoras learned all about the natural sciences and moral doctrines from Theoclea, his sister. She is also known as Aristoclea.

It looks like a prismatic jewel against a white wall!

We all heard about the Pythagorean theorem in geometry class…but we never heard about the amazing woman who schooled him!


Painted in my signature Cubism 3.0 style that blends Analytic and Synthetic Cubism with Feminism and Pop, the Alchemical Bride series celebrates extraordinary women from human history. Stretched and wired, ready to hang. Signed in the back.


There’s an inspiring teacher, philosopher, or mathematician who needs this painting in her life! What a beautiful gift for her. You can get this beautiful piece for yourself or as a gift, on Saatchi: https://bit.ly/38ayxUv