Alchemical Bride

The Alchemical Bride explores the Philosopher’s Stone archetype. Alchemists called the furnaces or ovens in which base matter was transmuted into gold the “House of the Chick”. This play of words intrigued me, imagining the liminal not yet domesticated body of the bride as a site of distortion, heat, pressure, and transformation.

I began the series by cutting out over 1000 bridal images from magazines. These I distress and distort using mirrors, reflections, and collaged materials. Through Photoshop and through painting I further cook these images until a transmutation results. A liminal imago– dissolving and coming into focus all at once.

Alchemical Bride 2, 2019
8″ x 10″ oils on board
Alchemical Bride 4, 2019
20” x 22” oils on canvas
Alchemical Bride 1, 2019
8” x 10″ oils on board
Alchemical Bride 3, 2019 30” x 40” oils on canvas
Alchemical Bride 5, 2019
8″ x 8″ inks on paper
Alchemical Bride 6, 2019 10” x 8” oils on board
Princess Bride, 2019
oils on canvas 36” x 24”
Alchemy Experiment 2
Alchemy Experiment 3
Alchemy Experiment 4
Alchemy Experiment 5
Alchemy Experiment 1