As a mid-career artist, I’ve invested decades to the cultivation of a studio practice. This practice is embedded in life and reflects my core orientation to the human body through the years. I am a human being. A female one at that. All that I sense, all that I create, all that I think is dependent on this physical fact. Looking back at the trajectory of my art career, it is clear some themes and preoccupations periodically possess my imagination. That I read voraciously and draw religiously is also clearly reflected in this archive. But much of my creative output is not recorded here. My early video work, for example, was irretrievably lost back when the transition from analog to digital went mainstream. Would you believe my favorite video camera was a Fisher Price that recorded on audio cassettes?! Other work was lost in moves from one apartment or studio to another. That’s okay too. Not everything is meant for archiving.

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Epic Ink

The Exodus

Epic Oils

Men Are From Mars


Hekate Oils


X-Ray Drawings


Abject Body

Pre-meditated PMS ‎