Puer Aeternus, the eternal man child, is one of the basic human personality archetypes described by psychologist Carl Jung. Puer expresses a hunger for independence and freedom, is opposed to boundaries and limits and prefers living in his own head instead of reality. To manifest this archetype, I assume a completely different identity, wear a male persona and leave behind the limitations of my gender. Because Puer hates being constrained he goes where he pleases, traveling freely through an Aleph discovered in a Jorge Luis Borges short story. (It’s actually an iPhone but I don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.) With it, he can go to all places and all times, and create experiential maps of his journeys. These paintings and drawings disclose how Puer experiences the landscape and places through his five senses.  Like Thoreau, he is especially beholden to the landscape, as near a transcendentalist as can be found in the 21st century.  Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.