Epic Ink


There are over 100 drawings in this series. I use pencil, marker, gesso, and ink: each lends its own quality of clarity or impenetrability to the translucent Mylar. I like to float them in my installations to accent this feature, thus turning the very walls of the exhibition space into the stage of action,

I work from photos, from life model sessions, from a collection of toy soldiers, and footage I filmed at a martial arts dojo.  The drawings specifically probe notions of distances, great and small, as well as notions of open ground and narrow passes.  The various figures advance or retreat into the ground of the drawing as they materialize and dematerialize on the painted Mylar.  They occupy and relinquish the shallow stage of their actions variously, through their levels of opacity or translucency, through their entrances or exits.  Like characters in an epic story, the figures play their compulsory parts in an ever-unfolding narrative arc..

This YouTube link explores the archetypal imagery in the series.