Thank You To The Bill and Melida Gates Foundation and Latinos In Philanthropy for ArteFest

At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today for ArteFest, the Gates Foundation’s Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration.

What an honor to be inside the foundation that is making such a huge difference all around the world, and what a thrill to meet so many philanthropists!

I’m also in awe of the sheer creative energies and talents of my fellow Latinex artists.

Thank you so much to Susi Collins, Pilar Pacheco, Izmir Santiago, Io Blair-Freese for being such brilliant hosts, and to Irene Gomez at the Seattle Office of Arts & Culture for bringing us all together.

14650174_10154607616627162_6079208263463550758_n 14642354_10154607616507162_1606971730229137135_n 14600931_10154607616267162_3558133849747532664_n 14601056_10154607616157162_2030135349804806690_n 14611046_10154607616762162_6965917557756104218_nThank you Blanca Santander and her dear husband James for the photos!!!