Thank You To Everyone!

I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who made No Hiding Place Down Here a possibility and the opening so much fun.

Firstly, thank you to Liz Johnson, my project manager, without whose guidance and support none of this would have been possible.

Thank you to all the folks at Seattle Office of Arts & Culture who prepped the gallery and then set up all the yummy nibbles for the opening.

Thank you to all the friends and art lovers who braved the dirty air to come to the opening. Yes, folks, it literally rained ashes on First Thursday, like it did the previous day, the remnants of a week long onslaught of smoke from the fires consuming Eastern Washington.

Thank you to the journalists who reviewed the show and brought attention to this piece and the difficult subject it wrestles with.

Most of all, thank you to my husband and creative partner, Scott. He has been so supportive, willing to partner with me on this project, and then also doing all the photography of the installation too. He’s driven me everywhere, helped me install, and put on his best game face, despite being sick as a dog at the opening.


I am feeling quite blessed.