Migrations: Creating Challenges Inside a Sketchbook or Journal

These four pages in the Migrations journal illustrate how using a variety of pop ups and paper colors or textures inside a standard sketchbook presents the artist with interesting visual and conceptual challenges. In these two page spreads I continued to use repetition of verses and images to move Czeslaw Milosz’s text and my drawings along even as I drew from memories and source photos I’d taken as visual prompts for this journal.IMG_1719

IMG_1718I really liked the see-saw effect of this spread.

IMG_1720I’d sketched commuters for this book and taken pictures of my husband and me walking, and of him driving while we traveled. I  felt that images of migration from one place to another would serve as a metaphor for the connections between how our consciousness/ soul travels in and out of our liminal states…like during contemplation, dreaming, or even drawing. Why do we travel like that? Is it ever possible to really know our destination? A place, a truth, or another.