Collecting Art & Divine Providence

Today I mentioned to a student that Davidson Galleries is a little dangerous for my pocketbook. It’s no wonder my husband holds on to my wallet whenever I take students there on field trip! Here’s another of the romantic prints that I collected at Davidson’s. This is a lithograph by Ben Shahn–I love how the two lovers merge into one field– is that a profile of one or the 3/4 view of the other? Do they share a single torso? And then, there’s the fact the genders aren’t exactly clear. I collected the print when my heart and soul were so battered it seemed love would never enter my life again. That’s why I HAD to have it. As a reminder that love is real. If life couldn’t show it to me, great art could!

My trust in art and divine providence eventually brought me the love of my life.
But it’s thanks to Davidson Galleries ( ) that I get to wake up to this treasure every morning.