The New Art 202 COPY TEXT

That’s me as The Magician…. Brush in hand, I light the way for anyone interested in the wacky patterns and garden sprouting out of my head. That’s how I see my role as a teaching artist!

Poor art students are at a disadvantage in higher learning. They have to buy their art materials, which let’s face it, run hundreds of dollars even at kit discounts. And they are also expected to shell out hundreds of dollars for textbooks.

One of the ways I try to combat the rising cost of art education for my emerging talents is by preparing COPY TEXTS for each level that they can download into their laptops or smart phones. No need to print these out and kill trees, no need to kill their budgets either.

It also gives me the ability to tinker with curriculum from one year to the next. I ask students for their feedback and change my approaches to best meet their needs.

I’ve spent all week working on expanding options for the ART 202 students. Some were so delighted for the strict Light, Color, & Composition assignments, but too many others felt confined by these projects. This new ART 202 COPY TEXT gives students a choice of five different project series to engage their creative investigations!

ART 202 copy text