Help FUND A Scholarship And Get Great Art In Return!

Some of you already know that one of my students was just killed in a hit-and-run. We’re starting a scholarship in his honor.
I am donating Epic 132 (Leaping Over Graffiti Wall or Somehwere Over the Rainbow) and the entire sales price will be applied to this scholarship. Every penny.

Why this piece? Noah was a graffiti artist, and Epic 132 portrays the Great Seattle Graffiti Wall in SoDo. Also, this last year FINALLY the Supreme Court made gay marriage legal nationwide! At long last, my dearest friends and cherished family get the legal rights and protections that marriage can provide. And yeah, that’s a drawing of my sister-in-law leaping over a rainbow. FYI, she was one of the first legally married lesbians in California!

So PLEASE spread the word. I want this piece to sell for a lot of money so we can fund the Noah Anderson Scholarship. Here’s the info on the Auction, and two pictures of the piece…which is already framed.


over the rainbow