E.O. Wilson Is Still Inspiring Me!

My heart is still full of wonder after watching PBS’ special “Of Ants and Men”.

Back when I was working on The Last Judgment series I became fascinated with E.O. Wilson’s work and read everything the public library had on hand. His research inspired me to work with contour lines in a series of 3-D drawings using hair and dried tears on military netting. Ants can follow the faintest trace of a pheromone line across vast distances. What if a simple line can lead the human mind through impossibly complex subjects or images?

My favorite quote from movie: “I don’t want to lecture people about saving the planet, I want to share with them the joy of the natural world…it’s where we belong.”
Absolutely gorgeous documentary, and you can watch it here: http://www.pbs.org/program/eo-wilson/