Splish Splash – New Watercolors!

I haven’t updated my blog in a very long time. But no worries, I’m fairly active on Instagram. Head over to @tatianagarmendia_art to see my latest.

Ladies be chilling!

For now, I wanted to share with you six big watercolors that I finished over the summer.

I was lucky to receive an Artist Trust Fellowship this year, and with their support, I have been buying supplies so I can do a couple of large scale projects. To prepare, I did some splish splashing with my watercolors!

This group of six pieces celebrates incredible women painters. Maybe you’ve heard of some of them?Alchemical Bride 97 (Shoen Uemura)

Each piece is 6 foot tall…like me! I wanted to implicate myself in the Alchemical Bride series, to walk into the artwork, as it were. And since these are some of my favorite ladies from art history, can you blame me for wanting to tete a tete?

As you might remember, this series explores the Bride archetype as a symbol of self-actualization and individuation.

You know what they say…time to step up, or step into the process, in this case.