Migrations Portfolio

I was born in Cuba and was interned in a camp for political dissidents as a child. History is not a subject I picked up from a dusty schoolbook, but things I’ve actually lived. I think of the body as the agent, measure, and sum of physical and cultural substance because my own body acts and is acted upon. It senses, remembers, and reports on lived experiences. In these works my body explores identity as a varied and hybrid representation deciphering myths and histories from different communal fonts. Like the mutability of social structures in my lost and new homelands, my work embraces ambiguity and uncertainty. This is reflected through interdisciplinarity. I paint, draw, photograph, work in sculpture and installation, straddling the intersection of the conceptual and confessional. Confounding my own slippage between the intensely felt and rationally conceived.

Annotated Image List

Border Crossing 2015, Video 2:32 mins

The New Colossus 2015, Video 4 mins

Mi Patria Querida (My Dear Homeland) 2015, Video 3:39 mins

GTMO The White Rose 2015, Video 2 mins

Mi Fidel (My Fidel) 2015, Video 6:56 mins